09/19/2018  With all the turmoil, destruction, displacements and death caused by hurricane Florence it has not been surprising to see all the different and varied ways people are stepping up to help.  The police, fire & rescue, municipalities, power crews, debris crews and private citizens have rushed to aid in a way that state and federal entities can not do as quickly.  What has been most awesome, but not surprising to me, is the army of individual churches, denominational and nondenominational disaster relief groups,  that have arrived even while the winds were blowing and the waters still rising, to feed, clothe, house, console, minister, muck out and clear debris, to pray for and pray with people...to be the body of Christ (His hands, feet, eyes, arms, back) to our neighbors in desperate situations.   The Gospel of Jesus is proclaimed and demonstrated.   Love always, Buford Lewis, retired pastor.